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Posted May 26, 2015 by roger

2015: Drones take off in Agriculture

 The cultivation of plants for food has come a long way throughout the years. From manual ploughs to tractors, the agricultural game has seen many technological changes. To formulate an effective growing strategy, a farmer needs to know three things:

  • Which conditions are relatively stable during the growing season;
  • Which conditions change continually throughout the growing season;
  • Evidence to diagnose why their crop is thriving in some parts of the field and struggling, or even dying, in other parts.

In 2015, famers in the United States were introduced to a new-age form of farming: Precision Agriculture. The main goal of precision agriculture is to ensure that the correct tools apply the right amount of product to the stock. Precision agriculture is purely crop management that uses GPS and big data—as a way to boost crop yields and profits while resolving water and food crises. Such accurate information will ensure optimum output for farms. How these results are obtained is through using remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) known for its more common name, drones.

The drones will be able to help with better planting and crop rotation strategies. Day-to-day information will provide more detailed and a higher degree to knowledge into how crops are developing in the different section of the fields.

Other uses of Drones in agriculture:

  • Cutting surveying time and costs by deploying on-site
  • Exporting your data into a variety of formats
  • Tallying plant population and identify spacing issues
  • Finding weeds, pests and diseases faster than traditional sourcing
  • Assessing the severity of weather damage
  • Optimising processes by identifying irrigation weakness

“This boost in crop intelligence should make farms more efficient and help smaller operations compete with their more well-heeled Big Agriculture competitors.”- (Fortune.com, 2015)

With the South African Civil Aviation Authority’s legislation of the commercial use of drones commencing on 1 July 2015, you will want to be on the forefront on this cutting-edge, time and money saving technology.

Read more here: http://fortune.com/2015/05/18/drone-agriculture/

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