Author: Vera Khumalo

Drones on track to boost safety

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Escalators at stations, and boundary walls along tracks have cut the death rate on Mumbai’s railways, and it will now be the turn of drones. The Western Railway is close to finalising a plan to deploy small unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor its tracks, and cut the number of train-hit deaths due to trespassing. A… Read more »

Why 2017 will be the year of drones

Rocketmine Drone

2016 taught us a lot about drones and their potential to deliver benefits for consumers, communities, and businesses alike. Large mining companies started adopting the drone survey approach as a cost-effective and accurate alternative. Google and Chipotle tested burrito delivery on the campus of Virginia Tech, while cities nationwide turned to drones to help first… Read more »

Safety is a priority with Drone technology

Rocketmine Drone

With drones being associated with mapping and surveying, what other applications can better the lives of people? South Africa has many problems with security in public areas but the Joburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) have purchased drones to monitor safety and nature reserves remotely. The drones will be used to survey parks, the zoo itself… Read more »

Rocketmine recognised at TT100 Awards 2016

Rocketmine Recognised At The TT100 Awards in 2016

The TT100 Programme was established to identify and reward local companies that stand out for their excellence in the management of technology, people, systems, research and sustainability. The programme exemplifies those who through passion, perseverance and a highly developed sense of innovation, have defied all odds, and have become recognised as significant players in the… Read more »

Drone Inspection Services in the Mining Industry

Drone Inspection

Inspection services are growing in this industry and with drones making a positive impact on the surveying and mapping side, what can they do in terms of inspection? Up until now, the mining industry has been flooded with mapping and surveying services conducted by UAV’s or drones. Although proving to being an effective tool, this… Read more »

DELTA DRONE’s acquisition of ROCKETMINE South Africa

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Johannesburg, 20 September 2016 – International drone industry expert, Delta Drone has finalised the acquisition of drone service provider RocketMine, pending final legal & regulatory approval. The Johannesburg-based company was a division of Public Display Technologies Pty Ltd. (PDT) and is the main licensed operator of commercial drones in the mining industry of South Africa…. Read more »

Blast Design and Profile Monitoring using Drones

Blast Design And Profile Monitoring Using Drones Blog Post Image

3D photogrammetric technology using drones has taken over the how the mining industry by far. With accuracy and cost being a critical factor in mining operations, using drones like RocketMine does in newer applications everyday is transforming the way people react to drone technology. 3D photogrammetric technology is unique to the industry because it uses cameras… Read more »

Rocketmine creates a buzz internationally

Varying International Brands

RocketMine creates a buzz internationally Droneii, an international company that provides industry insights, market data, and competitive intelligence recently compiled a document that looks that the world’s drone environment in 2016. This document covers drone manufacturers, drone service providers, software providers, resellers and much more. RocketMine Aerial Data Solutions caught the eye of Droneii in “The… Read more »

Rocketmine is heading to Geomatics Indaba 2016

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Last year saw RocketMine joining the Geomatics Indaba for the very first time. This year, we will be coming back bigger and better. Geomatics Indaba 2016 is a fully inclusive geomatics sector conference, exhibition and training event, encompassing all levels of interested and relevant persons, organisations, government departments and agencies, municipalities, public and private companies, NGOs,… Read more »