Legal and Compliance

Rocketmine ensures legal and safety compliance of the highest standard, setting us apart from our competitors

Rocketmine is Africa’s leading premier drone data service provider.

Safety & Quality is on the forefront of all our operations. Rocketmine consistently seeks ways to improve its processes and procedures to maintain our zero incidents record. Our Safety & Quality departments share the same passion for excellence and this is evident in their consistent drive to endure rigorous external audits to consistently raise the bar.

All systems within Rocketmine (Operations, Maintenance, Quality, Training, Security and Safety) work collectively to ensure Safety leads each operation.

With over 750 recorded occurrences, Rocketmine ensures that every hazard is identified by all employees, each one considered, investigated and mitigated while producing an actionable trend analysis report

Trust our team to keep your operations in Safe hands.



Rocketmine strives to improve its operations and comply to with the relevant industry certifications, such as the Basic Compliance Verification (BCV).

The rigourous and systematic audits, conducted by SGS, to ascertain the level of cohesiveness in our processes allow Rocketmine to raise the compliance bar quarter by quarter.


BARS Audited.

Rocketmine has become the first drone operator in Africa to be assessed against both Basic Compliance Verification (BCV) and Basic Aviation Risk Standards (BARS), after almost a year of intense auditing through independent consultants.

The BARS Standard was developed by the Flight Safety Foundation to meet an identified need for common global aviation safety assessments and audit protocol



Rocketmine has been identified as a fundamental player in the global drone industry. They were listed as a key role player in the services industry for the Drone Market Environment Map 2018.

Civil Aviation

Rocketmine understands how Civil Aviation Authorities operate, and what they require for safe and legal drone operations. Rocketmine is a licensed commercial drone operator, and has met the legal requirements set out by the SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority), and is licensed and audited regularly for compliance.