Drone Operator Flying A Drone Over A Construction Site

Posted Jun 8, 2015 by nomthi

Construction industry open to using drones

The potential uses for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) on construction sites are endless. Drones, as they are commonly known, can be used for site selection, surveying, and real-time work inspections.

A small town in Connecticut, USA has started using drones to inspect the progress of a school expansion project.  Although legislation has not been finalised in this US town yet, the team completed this free project to demonstrate the potential uses of drone on-site.

Unlike USA, South Africa has finalised legislation to be in effect on 1 July 2015. The delivery of this news should see construction companies looking to better ways of conducting their daily activities.

“Although it is unexplored territory, our drones will be able to cut surveying time and costs from the traditional surveying methods. RocketMine is open to discussing potential projects with the construction industry” – Chris Clark, RocketMine Division Head.

Some other uses of drones in construction sites.

  • Compare progress images with baseline data
  • Oversee and control on-site activity and monitor progress
  • Track compliance according to site requirements
  • Export your data into a variety of formats
  • Improve safety by surveying hazardous areas

With unapproved legislation, American constructions companies have warmed up to the idea of using newer technology to cut operational costs, what will be South Africa’s reaction after regulations are implemented in July 2015?

To learn more about using UAVs in Construction, Click here.


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