Drone Conducting Mapping Of An Area

Posted May 19, 2016 by nomthi

Do-It-Yourself or get Rocketmine

Cut Costs not Safety

The aim of most mines in our economic climate is to integrate technology into daily operations. From implementing the best possible technologies available to optimise productivity and efficiencies to creating fully automated mines, mine strategists are going all out to ensure that they achieve maximum output at the lowest cost possible. As part of lowering costs, RocketMine has developed a cost-effective solution to creating survey-ready mapping data for the mining and minerals data. After months of going through all the registration processes, we’ve ensured that RocketMine is legally registered and prepared for any incidences.

While having your own license is a great idea, the department of transport has ensured that there are no shortcuts to being granted, with heavy consequences applying to any party that does not stay legally compliant. The CAA has also committed to being thorough with every application received, leaving you as the applicant dealing with very particular standards that can easily be handled by a licensed service provider.

We, as RocketMine, are the experts. We, as RocketMine, undertake the consequences, understand the legislation and will operate legally ensuring that your mining operations are legal. This means that we are taking away the headache of ensuring that the paperwork is up to standards and incidences are reported with the correct parties, which is a little harder than you may anticipate.

What if you are in the process of obtaining your Remote Operating Certificate (ROC)?

Because we went through the process and understand the effort it takes to receive your license, we want to fly for you in the interim so you can focus on obtaining your license.

With the admin, fees and practical’s, your licensing process can be done in 18 months, or you can start today with RocketMine.

Contact the RocketMine team, to start flying today. hello@rocketmine.com or on 0861 123 738


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