Posted Jun 5, 2023 by Kelly Clark

Double BARS Success for Rocketmine in Australia & South Africa

Delta Drone International (ASX: DLT) is amongst one of the first RPAS companies in the world with two subsidiaries -Rocketmine South Africa and Rocketmine Australia respectively- successfully audited against the BARS Comprehensive audit stream.

What is BARS?

The Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) is an internationally recognised safety program and is a subsidiary of the Flight Safety Foundation, the audit covers all flight and operational aspects of an aviation company – including flight operations, maintenance handling, personnel, aircraft and quality and safety systems.

It is one of the highest demonstrations and commitments to safety in the contracted aviation world.

Why is BARS so important?

With many of today’s largest mining operators requiring BARS registration as a pre-requisite for engagement on sites, this safety standard will set the company apart on a global level. 

Safety is at the heart of the BAR Standard, and with drones becoming increasingly prominent in the skies, it is imperative that operators do everything in their power to minimise risk.

“This achievement is more than just a certificate, it is a validation of Rocketmine’s highly developed and effective safety culture” explains CEO, Christopher Clark, “We know that as the skies become busier, that it is our responsibility to operate at the highest safety standards possible”.

Who uses BARS?

Current BARS member organisations include some of the biggest corporations in the world, including BHP, South 32, Anglo American, Glencore, the Australian government departments and Rio Tinto.

While Rocketmine already has existing contracts with many of these companies, the assurance of adhering to the BAR Standard will create further confidence in the company’s systems and operations.

“We are now hitting the peak of our offering” says Clark, “Our systems, which have been developed and grown over more than seven years, have now been tested against the highest standard in the world”.

DLT Double BARS Success

Rocketmine Australia and Rocketmine South Africa completed the Flight Safety Foundation’s Comprehensive BARS Audit Stream in early 2023 and have both successfully passed this audit, receiving their green status this month.  

The Comprehensive Stream requires a higher level of evaluation than the Core Stream and was selected by both companies to include their Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) activities, as well as the opportunity to move towards higher levels of recognition in coming years.

Rocketmine Australia BARS Certificate


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