A Flood In Scotland

Posted Jan 12, 2016 by nomthi

Drone captures damage cause by flood

In Ballater, North East of Scotland, a main road had collapsed due to a flood that weakened the ground under the road.

Part of the carriageway fell away into the water.

Emergency personnel were unable to approach the area due to the instability of the ground.

In order to examine the extent of the damage, aerial footage was filmed using a drone. Drone footage was able to reveal the full extent of the damage which can now be used for a recovery process.

South Africa is no stranger to floods as they have damaged houses, infrastructure and many others fixtures. With the rainy season coming, the extent of damage caused by floods can be monitored from a safe location using drones. The risk that Search and rescue personnel undertake would be limited as dangerous areas can be analysed using drone footage.

This is not the first time that drones have been used in emergency situations. Drone manufacturer, Sensefly, used their eBee drone to locate victims of an earthquake in Nepal.

With RocketMine having participated in its first Search and Rescue mission, assisting in more missions would be welcomed as the limits of drone application is yet to be realised. With RocketMine, you can obtain high quality data of hectares of land and that can be used to locate people and unstable land that will not be safe for relief efforts.

Contact RocketMine to receive more information on Search and Rescue and other Drone applications available.

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