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Posted Sep 22, 2016 by nomthi

Drone Inspection Services in the Mining Industry

Inspection services are growing in this industry and with drones making a positive impact on the surveying and mapping side, what can they do in terms of inspection? Up until now, the mining industry has been flooded with mapping and surveying services conducted by UAV’s or drones. Although proving to being an effective tool, this industry can benefit from using drones in other ways.

In the extraction process, a fleet of machinery is responsible for the crushing and milling of minerals. Regular inspection and maintenance is needed to ensure continued operations as they are a vital component to revenue generation.

A drone that can capture high resolution videos and images is what is important in these inspection services. As an alternative to labour-intensive and dangerous activities where a team of professionals would use harnesses and scaffolding, a deployment of a drone from a remote location can achieve the same results, safer and faster. Companies have more control using the drone alternative for inspections through major cost savings and the near-elimination of shutdowns for mine audits. The addition of a thermal sensor allows for you to add more depth into the data delivered. The data is relevant to any equipment or infrastructure which undergoes routine inspection including:

  • Conveyor belt inspections: damage and needed repairs (thermal)
  • Inspecting structural integrity
  • Identifying equipment that is overheating

The data extracted from analysing the relationship of changing stockpile volumes and from inspecting machinery can show a defect or decrease in efficiency in any of the comminution and processing assets which allows for actions to be taken that will avoid a disruption in the continuation of activities.

Western Australia has been in the forefront in mining automation activities including inspection services. South Africa is not far behind by having teams like RocketMine fully joining surveying teams and assisting in mining activities.

RocketMine is always researching the latest technology in hardware and software to ensure that you, the client, receive the best service, at a fraction of the cost.

Want more information? Contact RocketMine on 010 590 1254 or on hello@rocketmine.com

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