Drone Flying Through Chinese School Exams

Posted Jun 3, 2015 by nomthi

Drones deployed to fight against Chinese exam cheaters

The Gaokao is a 2 day exam that Chinese teenagers take in order to determine which universities they can go to. The Gaokao also basically determines a student’s entire career path, since each university feeds into a specific industry. Many students resort to very elaborate methods of cheating to ensure they get into the universities that they want to.

Some of the cheating methods are:

  • A pair of glasses that scans and transmits an image when this one-jiao coin is pressed
spying glasses


  • this button-hole camera hidden in a pen
spying pen

How do they receive the answers from the spy devices?

By receiving a radio feed of test answers via a hidden earphone, sometimes so tiny they have to be removed with a magnet or, when things go really awry, a doctor. “At big exams like these, there are always ‘mystery men’ figures in the background,” said Zeng Yingyong, the secretary of Luoyang’s radio management bureau.

To combat this cheating debacle, the Chines government have deployed a ‘Cheating Drone’ will be used in the city of Luoyang. It will be a 6 propeller-powered drone with the capabilities of finding radio signals from 500 metres above the test site. The drone will be able to show where in the room the radio signals are coming from, allowing moderators to find cheaters easier.

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