Rocketmine Industries

As one of the first licensed commercial drone companies in South Africa, our vast experience allows us to provide fit-for-purpose solutions across various industries.

Drone Uses

Our industrial drone services suit a variety of challenging and unique environments. Our drone solutions and applications are adaptable to a number of industries and problems.

Drone Technology

Rocketmine uses only the best highly calibrated drones to provide our industrial drone data solutions ensuring the highest degree of data accuracy for fast and effective decision making.


Rocketmine drone services speed up Mining Decisions.

Accurate survey data can be obtained in a variety of formats allowing you to enhance safety and boost productivity on the mine.

Remotely explore potential mineral deposits, track your equipment and compile monthly reporting of stockpile inventories, while protecting your team against unsafe working conditions.


Rocketmine provides drone solutions for Agriculture.

Our aerial drone services provide critical data for precision agriculture, capturing what is invisible to the human eye and allowing smarter farming decisions.

Rocketmine's Drone Data Solutions provides farmers and agricultural industry role players with consistent, detailed and cost-effective data.

Civil Engineering

Monitor, evaluate and plan site activities with Rocketmine's UAV and Drone Solutions.

Our drone services provide digital terrain modelling through vertical and oblique photography.

Conduct flood risk surveys for town planning, monitor the evolution of on-site activities in near real-time and even compile pre-construction site inspections, while protecting your team against unsafe working conditions.


Remotely manage your water and forestry resources with Rocketmine's Drone Mapping Solutions.

The uav drone solutions provide data that the naked eye can not see and thereby speeds up operational decisions.

Rocketmine drone services provides the water and forestry industry with a consistently accurate data stream.

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