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Posted Aug 19, 2016 by nomthi

Blast Design and Profile Monitoring using Drones

3D photogrammetric technology using drones has taken over the how the mining industry by far. With accuracy and cost being a critical factor in mining operations, using drones like RocketMine does in newer applications everyday is transforming the way people react to drone technology.

3D photogrammetric technology is unique to the industry because it uses cameras that are specially calibrated for various types of applications but specifically, blast-planning applications. Combining RPAS with its existing 3D photogrammetric blasting survey and profiling technology to further streamline the process of mapping sites before blasting takes place and enable the company to provide accurate blast- planning assessments.

Generally, the data acquired by RPAS’ in the mining industry is used for:

  • calculating stockpile volumes,
  • mapping steep inaccessible inclines,
  • compiling optimised blast designs, and
  • managing pit and stockpile changes from a remote location, and also monitoring surface stability safely.

With this solution, mine managers can add value to their clients’ businesses with better environmental and safety assessments and optimize their resources with better productivity monitoring and operation planning.

Among the benefits that the platform will offer are:

  • a fully interactive 3D mapping of sites
  • savings on exploitation costs through global management of the value chain (D&B, loading & hauling, crushing & milling)
  • increase in investments
  • improved productivity

RocketMine is always the service provider called to monitor blast designs. Contact Us to find more information on blast designs or how we can help you cut costs and deliver high resolution imagery.

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