Drones-as-a-Service Pioneers Newsletter Edition 14

2022 has been year of growth and
exciting development for Rocketmine
across multiple time zones.

As we all gaze to 2023; business leaders and the global community are cognizant of the increasing role drones are playing in world events and our daily lives. In this month’s newsletter, we explore the benefits of drone-based security in holiday periods; environmental compliance using drones and the growing trend to take up a career a drone pilot.

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As the festive period looms, the issue of security at key strategic sites across multiple industries becomes an increasing concern for senior business leaders as they contend with reduced personnel, shutdowns and for tourism players – increased numbers of visitors.


Stringent guidelines relating to environmental compliance for mining operations¹ and the requirement for ongoing mine closure planning means the mining industry’s environmental impact has never been more scrutinised.


From 2 – 4 November 2022, Rocketmine took part in the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Sydney, Australia. During the hugely successful event, Rocketmine showcased its latest offering in Geospatial and AI Data products. With mine to mill solutions for all stages of the mining cycle, the team shared the company’s latest data products with delegates from Australia, Africa and across the world.

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For many matriculants and University graduates, the choice to spend a ‘gap year’ figuring out their future is an increasingly popular choice. After years of studying and being ‘told what to do’ the appeal to do your own thing is almost a universal desire.

So, instead of heading overseas and working odd jobs, becoming an ‘Au Pair”, Yacht Deckhand, camp counsellor or spending the year waiting tables – why not invest in becoming a qualified drone pilot by securing your Remote Pilot License (RPL). 

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