Posted Apr 23, 2019 by roger

Notre Dame Fire: Preserving Heritage through Digital Twins

As the world watched the tragic burning of one of the most iconic buildings on the planet, we realized the fallibility of everything in life; even a building which in many ways has stood the test of time.

It is a stark reminder that even though Notre Dame has survived two World Wars and has witnessed the passing of events such as the French Revolution, it took a fire in 2019 to bring the iconic spire tumbling down.

These and other such landmarks are woven into our humanity; they represent more than bricks and mortar; they are historical and emotional symbols to our evolution and our abilities.

In fact, construction, whether modern or ancient is an expensive, emotional and time-consuming process; it is a craft as old as time itself, when the first people built the first roof over their head’s eons ago.

Fast forward to the present and we are putting up buildings at a rate second to none; bigger and more complex than ever. And despite new and innovative ways to build, our heritage sites in the form of the Notre Dames of the world also remain as important as ever.

The conservation and monitoring of this heritage, as well as the development of modern building sites can be greatly assisted by advances in modern technology.

Whether it’s the Union Buildings or a current construction project, it is now possible to both map and record existing sites, as well as monitor ongoing construction through the process of “Digital Twinning”.

This technology allows you to step inside a current project and view the status of construction or even the inventory present on site; while heritage sites can be mapped and recorded for archive or rebuild purposes should they get damaged or destroyed.

Digital Twinning can provide piece of mind for either the preservation of heritage landmarks or the surety and success of a new building.

Rocketmine has already become a leader in this space in South Africa through its current applications for Digital Twinning of new mines under construction.

The applications are endless, and while we can’t ever bring an existing building back to life as such, we are able to document it’s intrici’s to ensure an accurate and reliable rebuild.


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