Our Approach


The Rocketmine way; years of experience
make it easy for you to get your results.

Our approach

The Availability of
unlimited, accurate, data –
Drives Better Business Decisions.

Rocketmine is changing the business intelligence game by reducing costs and increasing the speed of data collection, assisting companies to plan, execute and monitor more accurately.

Rocketmine is a one-stop, full service, Aerial Data Solutions provider.

  • From Topographic surveys, volume calculations, stock pile and plant canopy measurement, to disaster management, site mapping, security applications and more – Rocketmine’s Aerial Data Solution is suited to any terrain or requirement, delivering accurate, affordable and reliable data.

Professionally trained, delivering accurate data in the fastest time.

Solution Benefits

Rocketmine makes it easy
to get up and flying within 24 hours.
It Just Works.

It is more cost effective, faster to deploy and less affected by weather, offering a higher safety value than traditional methodologies.

Rocketmine is your partner in delivering flexible, customizable, Aerial Data Solutions

  • Collect high resolution imagery and critical data in a quick and cost-effective way
  • Cover up to 1000ha per day with a single deployment of RocketMine’s UAV Solution
  • Tick all the boxes in terms of Operations, Safety and Legal requirements

From mining, to agriculture, nature conservation, oil and gas exploration and more, Rocketmine’s Aerial Data Solutions are helping leaders make better business decisions.

technical procedure

Rocketmine Delivers Accurate Data –
Faster than Traditional Methodologies.

Using our autonomous fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), you can generate high-resolution orthophotos/mosaics, NDVI maps, 3D-point-clouds and complete 3D-reconstructions.

A typical Rocketmine deployment would consist of:

  • An on-site pilot – professionally trained and licensed to operate different types of UAVs
  • The latest in available UAV technology, customized to your requirement
  • The latest in processing systems
  • Comprehensive service contracts to ensure performance requirements are met

Rocketmine analyzes your business requirements and project goals. We then research and pair the best Drone Technology and Lenses to your needs.

Rocketmine pilots

Our Pilots have over 1000 total flight hours and are Experienced in Operating Multiple Types of UAV.

Training and Certification in relevant Safety and Medical protocols is a must, as is expertise in avionics, geography and aerodynamics.

Before a UAV trainee becomes a Rocketmine Pilot, he/she has to:

  • Have gained a minimum of 50 hours operating a UAV
  • Pass regular Rocketmine Pilot Examinations and skills training
  • Understand all Rules and Regulations set by governing bodies such as the CAA.
  • Follow Rocketmine and Client (site-specific) Standard Operating Procedures
  • Hold a current commercial or PPL license as per standards set by the International Civil Aviation Authority.

Rocketmine employees professional pilots who understand the risks and requirements of different terrains,
Delivering Accurate Data, Faster.

data processing

Operating a RPAS/UAV.
Flexible, Frequent and Fast.

Your data is produced to the highest quality, ensuring the sharpest resolution and accurate measurements – customised to your format requirements.

Rocketmine Delivers Accurate Data.

  • Collect aerial photography of 1-10sqkm in a single flight down to 5cm precision.
  • Shoot aerial imagery down to 3cm/pixel resolution
  • Create maps and elevation models with a precision of 5cm.
  • Gain Significantly more accurate data than LiDAR or Terrestrial Survey
  • Choose fast data delivery, either on-site or via Rocketmine’s online delivery platform

Rocketmine sets the benchmark for data processing and delivery, Often within 24 hours.

More data, more frequently, at a lower cost.