Rocketmine Approach


Rocketmine sets the benchmark for data processing and delivery, usually within 24 hours.

Operating a RPAS/UAV.
Flexible, Frequent and Fast.

Your data is produced to the highest quality, ensuring the sharpest resolution and accurate measurements – customised to your format requirements.

Rocketmine delivers fast, frequent, accurate data:

Collect aerial photography of 1-10sqkm in a single flight down to 5cm precision.

Shoot aerial imagery down to 3cm/pixel resolution

Create maps and
elevation models with a precision of 5cm.

Gain Significantly more accurate data than LiDAR or Terrestrial Survey

Choose fast data delivery, either on-site or via Rocketmine’s online delivery platform


Rocketmine data can be exported to:

Index MapgeoTIFF(.tiff), ECWAgPixel, QGIS, Esri ArcGIS, GlobalMapper
3D Point Cloud.las, .laz, .plyGlobalMapper, AutoDesk, Esri ArcGIS, 3DShaper
Digital Surface Model (DSM)geoTIFF(.tiff)GlobalMapper, QGIS, GeoMedia, Esri ArcGIS
High resolution images and OrthomosaicsgeoTIFF(.tiff), KML files (.png/.kml), ECW, JPEGGlobalMapper, QGIS, GeoMedia, Esri ArcGIS, Google Earth
Contour Lines.dxf, .shpAutoDesk, Esri ArcGIS, Surpac, Vulcan, DraftSight
Video animations/ 3D flythroughs.mp4GlobalMapper, QGIS, GeoMedia, Esri ArcGIS, VLC, QuickTime

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Solution Benefits

From mining, to agriculture, nature conservation, oil and gas exploration and more, Rocketmine’s Aerial Data Solutions are helping leaders make better business decisions.


Technical Procedure

Rocketmine analyses your business requirements and project goals. We then research and pair the best Drone Technology and Lenses to your needs.


Rocketmine Pilots

Rocketmine employees professional pilots who understand the risks and requirements of different terrains, Delivering Accurate Data, Faster.


Data Processing

Rocketmine sets the benchmark for data processing and delivery, Often within 24 hours.

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