Rocketmine Approach


Rocketmine analyses your project goals and then pairs the best Drone Technology and Lenses to suite your unique needs.

Rocketmine Delivers Accurate Data – Faster than Traditional Methodologies.

Using our autonomous fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), you can generate high-resolution orthophotos/mosaics, NDVI maps, 3D-point-clouds and complete 3D-reconstructions.

A typical Rocketmine deployment
would consist of:


An on-site pilot

professionally trained and licensed to operate different types of UAVs


The latest in available UAV technology

customized to your requirement


The latest in processing systems

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Comprehensive service contracts

to ensure performance requirements are met

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Solution Benefits

From mining, to agriculture, nature conservation, oil and gas exploration and more, Rocketmine’s Aerial Data Solutions are helping leaders make better business decisions.


Technical Procedure

Rocketmine analyses your business requirements and project goals. We then research and pair the best Drone Technology and Lenses to your needs.


Rocketmine Pilots

Rocketmine employees professional pilots who understand the risks and requirements of different terrains, Delivering Accurate Data, Faster.


Data Processing

Rocketmine sets the benchmark for data processing and delivery, Often within 24 hours.

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