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Survey &

The low-cost drone solution that delivers data, faster and safer. Survey managers know that in order to meet tight project deadlines, you need a survey mapping partner which is fast, accurate and cost effective.

Blasting &

The Rocketmine Blast Monitoring and Fragmentation Analysis Drone Solution improves safety, reliability and accuracy of blasts. The blast can be captured, data processed, analysed and shared for effective decision making.


Industrial inspections carried out by Rocketmine allow for increased accessibility and safety at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft. The drone solution provides real time information for quick decision making, avoiding accidents.


Take aerial imagery and data collection to the next stage by visualizing the three dimensions of your projects using our specialized technology. Allow our accurate and real time 3D modelling solution to present the augmented reality of your data in an accessible and secure cloud.


How to achieve near real-time Volume Data Delivery in Opencast Mining

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