Rocketmine provides critical data for precision agriculture.


Collect accurate, aerial data for smarter farming decisions.

Capture what is invisible to the human eye
such as soil temperature

 Rocketmine’s Aerial Data Solutions provides farmers and agricultural industry role players with consistent, detailed and cost-effective data services stream. Starting from R35/ha, you can now enjoy critical surveying and mapping services more frequently.

Rocketmine makes it easy to: 

  • Cut surveying time and costs by deploying on-site
  • Export your data into a variety of formats
  • Tally plant population and identify spacing issues
  • Find weeds, pests and diseases faster than traditional sourcing
  • Assess the severity of weather damage
  • Optimize processes by identifying irrigation weakness

Interested in Rocketmine UAV services?

From stress monitoring to measuring erosion channels, Rocketmine provides the flexibility to meet your aerial data needs.


 The availability of faster and accurate data is what is needed to prevent and plan for future farming problems.