Blast Monitoring & Fragmentation Analysis

The Rocketmine Blast Monitoring System improves the safety, reliability and accuracy of your blasts. This technology allows your blasts to be captured and analysed for effective decision making.

“If you don’t measure it, you cannot fix it”


Fragmentation Analysis

  • Analyse fragmentation sizes over a period of time and in specific areas
  • Improve blasting techniques for optimal fragmentation
  • Fast data turnaround times
  • Analysis can be done in the field
  • Continuous analysis can be provided

Safety Awareness

  • Inspect the blast radius prior to blasting with a live video feed from a “birds-eye view”
  • Tag key personnel that can be detected autonomously
  • Clear the blast area sooner
  • Detect explosives that didn’t detonate

Operational Reliability

  • Understand each and every blast
  • Better blasts more often, based on a proven track record

True Accuracy

  • Accurately measure the blast “heave”
  • Measure the blast muck pile contours for better analysis

Rocketmine Blast Monitoring and Fragmentation Analysis Solution

By using our blast monitoring technology and our blast monitoring equipment we are able to provide accurate data to our clients allowing for improved safety, reliability and accuracy.

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