Drone Inspection Services 

Aerial drone asset inspection services allow for increased accessibility and safety. Safely go where no man has gone before to capture visual data relating to the condition of your assets. Servicing enterprise clients throughout Australia & Africa.

Our Drone Inspection Services Reduce Risks and Increases Rewards


Fast, Cost Effective Asset Inspections

Employing drones to conduct aerial asset inspections is highly cost effective in comparison to traditional manned aircraft inspections. Superior data turnaround times provide further operational efficiencies and a reduction in response times.


Inspect where humans can’t

Drones are able to operate in areas that otherwise would be hazardous for humans to inspect; improving the safety of your operations for all involved and reducing workplace heath and safety red tape.


Protect your assets

Limited resources = limited safety risk
UAV inspection allows you to go closer to the object no matter how hot or how high.


Improved Response Times

Live data provided by drone inspections enables faster business decision making opportunities including the ability to quickly respond to faults, hazards or other potential safety or operational issues.

Solar Inspection

Our drone inspection services can be used to accurately inspect Solar Farms throughout Australia & Africa to identify areas of concern for inspection and repair.


Typical Aerial Inspection Applications

Solar Farm Inspections


  • Thermogram Orthomap
  • Geo-reference High resolution images
  • Perfect camera position (5-60°)
  • Capture RGB + IR at the same time

The use of Rocketmine drones to conduct aerial inspection of solar panel arrays located in Australia or Africa provides simultaneous visual and thermal data collection to identify panel faults, string & array faults, and ground management issues. The speed and accuracy of UAV aerial asset inspections ensures any faults or safety issues can be quickly rectified and the array continues to operate at maximum efficiency without unnecessary downtime..

Construction Site

  • Routine Asset Inspection
  • Condition Surveys
  • Evaluate damage and fatigue
  • Plan & schedule maintenance work

With the use of optical & thermal camera sensors, Rocketmine can provide fast, cost effective aerial inspection of building roofs, facades & other difficult to reach areas in Australia or Africa to identify damage, defects & structural issues throughout all stages of construction. The RGB, thermal and LiDAR sensors provide a vast amount of highly detailed data without the cost or risks associated with traditional visual inspections - allowing asset owners to quickly respond to maintenance or safety issues and track asset integrity over any period of time.

Wind Turbine

  • Robust stability in strong winds
  • Immediate fault detection
  • High-resolution images and HD recordings
  • Multispectral outputs available

With the growing reliance on wind as a means of energy production, ensuring that wind turbine generator blades are regularly inspected for damage or faults is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted supply. However, due to their size and remote location, visual inspection of wind turbine generator blades can be a dangerous and costly exercise. Rocketmine’s UAVs are equipped with high resolution RGB visual, Thermal & LiDar sensors to capture highly detailed data relating to the condition of the generator blades, allowing wind farm operators to immediately respond to damage or defects and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Other Drone Inspection Applications

  • Infrastructure inspections
  • Oil & gas pipeline inspections
  • Power line/cable inspections
  • Rail road and line inspections
  • Bridge inspections
  • Aircraft lightning damage inspection
  • Cooling tower inspections
  • Confined space inspections

The Rocketmine Difference

Rocketmine offers more than just a drone flying service. Our highly qualified staff have decades of experience inspecting specific assets and also working with asset management clients for large scale and ongoing asset monitoring and maintenance programs.

Many of our clients provide us with an asset register and inspection specifications and trust us to manage the inspection works on an ongoing basis, either capturing the data for their own analysis or, where appropriate, independently reporting and highlighting issues that require attention.

Five Significant Benefits of Using Drones for Asset Inspections



Rocketmine drone inspection services help keep workers safe, eliminating the need to enter potentially risky areas, such as confined spaces, heights, open pit mines, or other danger zones.



Depending on the type of assets, our drone inspection services can demonstrate two to tenfold time- saving over traditional methods.



Eliminating the need for rope access, EWP or helicopters, Rocketmine aerial inspection services are extremely cost-effective.


Better Data Capture

Rocketmine’s drone asset inspections cover full assets with high-resolution imagery and an optional 3D model for record-keeping. Automated defect and change detection between inspections are also possible.


Access to Inspection Results

Our reporting has been designed to provide drone inspection results to all stakeholders in a user-friendly way to maximise insights.

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