Rocketmine speeds
up Mining Decisions


Obtain accurate survey data in a wide variety of formats.

Enhance Safety & Boost Productivity

Remotely explore potential mineral deposits, track your equipment in near real-time and even compile monthly reporting of stockpile inventories, while protecting your team against unsafe working conditions.

Give us your problem, we’ll give you the Rocketmine solution.

Rocketmine makes it easy to: 

  • Map steep inaccessible inclines with limited risk
  • Compile optimised blast designs
  • Oversee security risks and capture evidence of any incidences
  • Manage pit and stockpile changes from a remote location
  • Monitor surface stability safely
  • Export your data into a variety of formats

Interested in Rocketmine UAV services?

From Ad-hoc surveys to long term contracts, Rocketmine provides the flexibility to meet your aerial data needs.


Get More Data, More Frequently, at a Lower Cost with Rocketmine Aerial Data Solutions.