Security and
Surveillance Solution


A proactive and full situational awareness system

The Problem

Border Breaches
Security are unable to monitor all borders at the same time. CCTV fails at long range monitoring
Targeted Asset Loss
Security reaction time slow allowing for high volumes of assets to be taken at a single time
Night Time
Naked-eye monitoring ineffective in the dark. CCTV not equipped for long distance surveillance
Staff are constantly in fear of attacks. High staff turnover for security staff because of lack of assistance.
False Alarm
To see how long the security team will take, often alarms are falsely triggered and the site is monitored by suspects
Current Costly
Helicopters take long to deploy and are expensive to use on a regular basis.

Our Solution

Solution includes sophisticated technology utilising incident data obtained from client to create a surveillance route for day and night time surveillance and for rapid response.

  • Object tracking: sensor stays focussed on object while UAV flies. Car and people are tracked
  • Thermal Mapping: up to 3km vision day and night
  • Live data and video feed: allows for real-time signalling and faster security deployment
  • Ground force integration: Know where the UAV is and where to deploy team to
  • Minimal noise technology: Able to get closer to object for detailed facial recognition
  • Extended flying time: When target is acquired, can stay on object until team is on site
  • Ground station team: Consisting of licensed pilot and observer able to contact authorities at sign of any risk

Gain the advantage of being ahead of the crime with a full surveillance solutions offering.

Other Uses

  • Protection against rioting
  • Crime identification
  • Anti-poacher operations
  • Protection from vandalism
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Equipment and machinery location
  • Search and rescue
  • Monitoring catastrophes
  • Emergency responses
  • Anti-terror operations
  • Prevention activities
  • Plantation (fire spotting)

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