Pilot Day 2021
– A Jolly Good Time!

February 8, 2022

The annual Rocketmine Pilot Day in South Africa provided a platform for Rocketmine’s pilot cadre to reconnect and engage in some competitive team bonding and to learn skills.

The day gave an opportunity for each pilot and their allocated teams to shine, demonstrating their collective technical and practical abilities, while competing against fellow colleagues and learning from one other.

The flying fierce, the outfits fiercer and the skills displayed by our teams would make any captain proud. From pirates to pink tutus and more the teams were diverse and exciting and celebrated the theme – Pilots of the Caribbean.

The teams competed against each other in a variety of set challenges and formats using and deploying different types of drones to provide a challenge.

While the objective of Pilot Day was also to have fun and build team spirit, it also ultimately allowed Rocketmine’s management team to assess the overall skills and ability of all the pilots which operate under its ROC, encouraging a high performance & safety culture.

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