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Posted Jul 4, 2016 by nomthi

Reasons Why you Should Use Drones for Inspections

There’s a lot to think about before you replace a manned position with a piece of flying technology, and choosing between a UAV or an engineer/inspection officer is no different. RocketMine has proudly and loudly been open about drones in surveying, now you can look at inspection applications you thought were never possible.

  1. In-depth data without the safety risk

Being able to collect in-depth data without putting any personnel at risk is a huge benefit of using drones in their place. It may be that any engineering work needed still requires human expertise, but businesses are now able to cut out one high-risk activity and reduce the likelihood of employee/contractor injury.

  1. Less/no equipment downtime

Depending on the nature of the structure, check-ups carried out by personnel may require technology to be switched off to avoid personal damage. With drones, the downtime for equipment (such as wind turbines) can be dramatically reduced, only needing to be turned off if the inspection requires moving parts to be still to be analysed.

  1. Less health & safety checks

Whether it’s a roof inspection or the structural examination of a block of flats, there are healthy and safety regulations to follow when sending a human worker out to inspect a high or otherwise potentially dangerous site. With drones in their place, these healthy and safety requirements are hugely reduced – if not removed altogether!

  1. Gets the job done faster

Human workers need to be extremely diligent when carrying out inspections, not only for safety reasons but to ensure they get the data they need on their first trip. Drones enable a thorough job to be carried out much quicker. And with cameras and software bringing data back to professional on-ground teams this information can be more thoroughly investigated without anyone being put at risk.

  1. Saves money 

While inspections can be routine, often an inspection will be scheduled after identifying an existing problem – meaning discovering the exact issue is an urgent matter. Take a leaking roof for example; with access to inspection drones, you can cut out the time needed to set up scaffolding or organise aerial lifts – which means cutting costs on equipment hire and reducing costs on the resulting damage.

  1. Lower insurance costs

It goes without saying that putting your employees at risk of injury means greater insurance premiums. Another great thing about drones, if you switch out human inspections for UAV examinations you’ll no longer need to cover the risk of engineers or inspectors falling or becoming otherwise injured while taking a closer look at structures.

  1. Multiple inspections in one day

Where getting a human inspector to take a look at multiple locations in one day would not be possible, drones enable effective inspection of multiple nearby sites (like a row of houses) in one session.

  1. Better for the environment

Traditional methods of inspection can be costly to both business and the environment. For example, typically, power lines are inspected by helicopter – which has a high fuel use and emissions level. Drones alleviate this unnecessary output and reduce noise pollution at the same time.

If you have an inspection job and would like RocketMine to assist, please contact us on hello@rocketmine.com or on 0861 123 738.



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