Rocketmine takes on one of Australia’s biggest drone flights

In October 2022, Rocketmine Australia took on one of the country’s biggest drone survey projects to date. Over approximately 12 days, the Rocketmine team covered an area of 112 square kilometres – or 11, 200 hectares.

To put this in perspective, the AFL field at the MCG stadium is approximately 2.0223 hectares – the area covered by this project equates to more than 5500 MCG fields!

Rocketmine undertook this ground-breaking project for Lynas’ Mt Weld rare earths mining operation located near Laverton, WA.

The company engaged Rocketmine to provide an aerial topographic survey to assist with infrastructure planning and was delivered in the form of a detailed, accurate digital terrain model and high-resolution imagery.

Using Quantum Trinity F90+ long-range, fixed-wing VTOL drones, pilots flew the project with 12 days and were able to deliver the full data set to the client within 2 weeks of completion of the survey.

Rocketmine’s ability to fly above 400ft throughout the WA Goldfields region contributed significantly to the efficiency and success of this project.

“This was an exciting project to tackle”, explains Rocketmine CEO, Chris Clark, “We love pushing boundaries and finding new ways to solve our clients’ challenges. The scale and efficacy of this project is testament to both the capabilities of our pilots and our equipment”.

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