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Posted Aug 15, 2016 by nomthi

Rocketmine creates a buzz internationally

RocketMine creates a buzz internationally

Droneii, an international company that provides industry insights, market data, and competitive intelligence recently compiled a document that looks that the world’s drone environment in 2016. This document covers drone manufacturers, drone service providers, software providers, resellers and much more. RocketMine Aerial Data Solutions caught the eye of Droneii in “The Drone Market Environment 2016”.

On the drone market map, you’ll find 711 entries from 49 Countries led by UAV companies from North America (54%) and followed by Europe (30%), Asia (9%), Oceania (3%), MEA (3%) and South America (1%). Within the 3% that consists of the Middle East and Africa, RocketMine has been included on this prestigious list under “drone operation”.

RocketMine’s growth has reached the international scene within a few short years in operation. Reaching such heights would not be possible without a team dedicated to the growth of RocketMine by ensuring that the best possible technology is used for all applications and keeping costs as low as possible in each industry.

Since its inception, RocketMine became the first in the mining industry to receive full licensing and certification from the South African Aviation Authority. Now, RocketMine has the largest fleet in Africa and is a dominant force in the drone market in Africa. With new projects being done every month, RocketMine is becoming an unstoppable partner to large businesses.

What to expect from the UAV market?

We expect the market to further grow and with it, the variety of end-to-end business models. There are plenty of niches waiting to be discovered and occupied. Hardware will become more capable allowing new applications. Advanced drone operation regulations will allow new use cases with a high grade of automation. The drone ecosystem is strongly technology driven and market growth will additionally be catalyzed by developments outside the drone market environment (e.g. mobile phone industry, etc.).

What to expect of RocketMine in the future?

The market is ours for the taking which is what RocketMine plans on doing. Our operations have expanded into Africa and using all our networks, RocketMine commits to growing and solving operational problems and being valuable team members in all industries.


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