Rocketmine at AGDIC Ghana 2019

Posted Nov 5, 2019 by Kelly Clark

Rocketmine delivers latest digital innovation at AGDIC Conference 2019 in Accra

Rocketmine Ghana was excited to participate in the annual Africa Geospatial Data and Internet Conference (AGDIC) at the Accra International Conference Center in Ghana during October 2019.

The conference spanned over three days, from 22 to 24 October, and was attended by various stakeholders from West Africa who came to learn, network and share the latest trends in digital transformation.

This year’s theme  – “Shaping Africa’s Digital Future” – aimed to empower delegates with a better understanding and management of digital location-based data and services; with a view to improve efficiency of resource allocation and enhance service delivery.

Rocketmine exhibited it’s cost effective and customizable survey-grade drone data solutions to all delegates across the mining, agriculture and construction sectors,  showcasing in particular the company’s ability to deliver better data, faster.

Ghana Country Manager, Eric Delabrousse, presented Rocketmine’s latest innovation in Digital Twin technology to delegates; an exciting, state-of-the-art development which uses drones to build highly accurate 3D models of your construction project or existing infrastructure.

Digital Twinning allows clients to view all their assets in near-real time, as well as tracking the quality and progress of work, measuring surfaces and distances and, performing meaningful analytics. This is currently proving to be an invaluable tool for project visualization, operational efficiency and enhanced decision making.

Overall, Rocketmine received massive interest spanning all core operational areas of the company. The company successfully broadened its brand awareness in the Ghanaian market and identified promising business opportunities to be pursued in Nigeria and Senegal in the near future.

Rocketmine team at AGDIC Ghana
Rocketmine at AGDIC 2019

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