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Posted Apr 18, 2016 by nomthi

Rocketmine Educates at Mining Conference

On 12 April 2016, RocketMine had the honour of showcasing its abilities in an internal strategy conference.

60 middle and senior mine managers gathered for a strategic conference on the mine’s future in South Africa and Africa. Amongst the agenda was the use of technology and its cost cutting measures for ongoing mine operations. As drones were also on the topic for discussion, it only seemed fit for the RocketMine team members to lend a hand in educating the managers on where drone technology fits in.

The team were split into two being able to educate the crowd on two aspects of drone technology.

The first team showcased an interactive screen which showed the quality of data that could be extracted from drone imagery. People were invited to manipulate the images as needed to show them first hand the detail that drone imagery had. Also on the screens were previous and recent flyovers that RocketMine had conducted for their clients.

The second team had the privilege of showcasing one of the market’s leading inspection drones that have the ability of having 360 degree views. People were encouraged to come stand close to the drone as it highlighted its thermal properties and ability to take detailed and accurate images.

Some visitors expressed how incredible it is to be able to use such technology in their industry.

As a team we were able to successfully answer queries that the visitors had.

The RocketMine team would like to thank Kleinkaap boutique hotel in Centurion being excellent hosts.

Whether it’s inspection, surveying or security, RocketMine has the solution for you and company. Contact us today for more information on 0861 123 738 or on




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