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Posted Apr 4, 2016 by nomthi

Rocketmine features on CNN Money

It is no secret that the drone industry in Africa is booming and the ever-changing technology is transforming industries like mining, agricultural, construction and water & forestry.

As the first commercial drone operator to receive its operating license in the mining industry, RocketMine’s operations caught the eye of Eleni Giokos of CNN Money who invited RocketMine’s MD, Chris Clark to comment on the drone industry in Africa.

“Instead of transporting people, we are transporting data”, Chris Clark on RocketMine as a low-cost airline. “It’s all about getting data to the decision-makers as fast as possible”.

>>View Chris Clark on CNN Money<<

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The mining industry is explicitly complex because of the extent and nature of work. Mining and exploration companies often face challenge in accessing remote and unsafe topography. The inaccessibility results in no information of the area, unavailability of data and lastly remains unexplored. UAVs are turning the mining sector into an emerging frontier for new technology (IJIRSET, 2015).

The key advantages of drones (UAV) are:

  • Light weight and easy to transport from one place to other
  • Low cost
  • Can fly at different altitudes
  • Can reach areas which are not accessible
  • Capture high definition images and record video clips

To receive a quote or more information on how drones can help you make better decisions, contact RocketMine on hello@rocketmine.com or 0861 123 738.

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