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Posted Nov 5, 2019 by Amber Jackson

Rocketmine hosts annual Pilot Day 2019 amidst fierce competition

Rocketmine’s annual Pilot Day was held Saturday, 5th of October 2019, at Barnstormers Model Flying Club in Kempton Park, in the east of Johannesburg; a day filled with team spirit, drone flying and fun!

The purpose of the day was to test the theoretical and practical skill of Rocketmine’s dedicated pilots through a series of team and individual challenges.

This year’s theme – “Teamwork makes the Dream work” – not only tested the individual skills and expertise of each pilot, but also challenged participants to work in a team environment and contribute to a collective outcome.

Three areas that teams competed included an individual challenge comprising South African Air Law and Rocketmine Operational theory, as well as two team challenges on fixed wing practical and multi-rotor practical respectively.

Before the event, pilots were divided into five teams for the duration of the day and were also awarded additional points for team spirit, originality and presentation.

Pilot Day is also a wonderful opportunity to showcase our unique offering and skills as a company, and many of our clients, along with their families, joined us on the day.

Rocketmine’s local suppliers namely, GOUAV and IQLaser, were also present and they showcased new products and technology within the industry.

Overall, Pilot Day was nothing short of a massive success. Once again, the company showcased exactly why we are considered Africa’s Premier Drone Services provider. The future is indeed bright for this innovative company and it’s incredibly talented staff teams from across the continent.

For some behind the scenes insights and fun, take a look at our Pilot Day video here.

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