Posted Aug 11, 2015 by nomthi

Rocketmine plays a crucial role in Search and Rescue mission

RocketMine, this year, was contacted to assist in a search and rescue mission. A mining truck was travelling near the edge of a mine pit when the ground gave way. The truck landed up being trapped in a mini avalanche.

When help arrived, it was determined that the ground was too unstable to bring any equipment or machinery closer to retrieve any information that would assist in the rescue mission. The lack of knowledge meant it was unclear if any rescue efforts would danger any of the other staff.


It was advantageous to deploy an unmanned aerial vehicle as it took the pilot under ten minutes to take high resolution images of the rescue area. Once the images were captured, the Search and Rescue team were able to use the photos to map out a mission. At that time, the truck driver was able to climb out the window of the truck and place himself in a position where he was easily accessible.

This was the first time that RocketMine had been contacted for this kind of mission and were able to adapt to the client needs.

To date in the Mining industry, RocketMine has been able to:

  • Map steep inaccessible inclines with limited risk
  • Compile optimised blast designs
  • Oversee security risks and capture evidence of any incidences
  • Manage pit and stockpile changes from a remote location
  • Monitor surface stability safely
  • Export your data into a variety of formats

Here are some images taken on the day.

IMG_1372 IMG_1381

If you want to find out if RocketMine can assist in your business functions, contact us.


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