Posted Aug 16, 2019 by roger

Rocketmine proud to feature in DRONEII.COM’s Drone Market Environment Map 2019

Rocketmine is proud to feature in DRONEII.COM’s recently published fourth edition of The Global Drone Market Environment Map. The report provides interested audiences with a relevant snapshot of key players in the commercial drone industry from a global perspective. 

The largest segment identified in the commercial drone industry is that of the drone services market. Rocketmine deems it a privilege to have been identified by DRONEII as a fundamental player in this category for two years running. Spot Rocketmine on the Map for 2019 for FREE by visiting https://bit.ly/312ogFE.

In the latest edition of the map, DRONEII has become far stricter regarding the entities they have chosen to include. Only organisations, companies, associations and events whose core business revolves around drones are included on the map and/or those who are considered vital role players in the drone market.

According to DRONEII, growth in the drone services portion is a strong indicator of the current versatility offered by the market whereby service entities have continued to professionalise. A trend towards a narrowing focus has been recognized where increasingly niche solutions are being produced contrary to the multiple application targeting that was identified in the past. 

Another interesting development in the services category coupled with the drone market as a whole, is the vast improvement in the quality of branding and marketing. This indicates maturity within the drone industry. Furthermore, marketing and sales spend has steadily increased along with the hiring of professional sales and marketing candidates.

Ongoing, larger corporations have been acquiring smaller best in class drone service companies demonstrating that the drone market is in the process of consolidation. As a result of smaller players being snapped up, service firms which are rapidly developing have begun to expand in new markets.

DRONEII’s expectation for the future is that drone companies will compete on the basis of delivering end-to-end (E2E) solutions to customers. This represents positive news for the future of the drone industry as DRONEII believes “E2E solutions will be the ultimate proof of concept for drone technology, taking away any doubts about its relevance.”


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