Safety and Security
over the Festive

As the festive period looms, the issue of security at key strategic sites across multiple industries becomes an increasing concern for senior business leaders as they contend with reduced personnel, shutdowns and for tourism players – increased numbers of visitors.

At Rocketmine, our global footprint and specialist crews are available 24/7 to provide enhanced airborne surveillance with our best-in-class technology systems to keep your people and investments safe and secure.

From automated systems to thermal, RGB camera sensors and intelligent AI based threat sensors; Rocketmine is able to deploy effective surveillance systems to cover your key assets, people and more. 

Festive Period and Security

While the threat of crime over the annual December shutdown is arguably a uniquely South African concer; studies point that higher-than-average property crime rates are a global concern for many business leaders. Moreover, having a system that is able to deploy and keep an eye on things while your team is on much deserved R & R is also to keeping business units refreshed and ready for new year challenges.

How & Where Drone Surveillance Systems can be used

From large scale and remote locations to private residential estates; events, anti-poaching and more, drones equipped with the correct payload enables security to effectively monitor and provide real time alerts. We’ve listed our top security use cases below, but in an exciting field of drones-as-a-service, applications are being developed rapidly.

Strategic Benefits of Drones in Security

The primary benefit of drone deployment is the reduce risk to security personnel and general staff by being able to remotely detect threats through the usage of advanced surveillance; significant cost reduction in terms of manned labour; remote assessment via management teams, as well as the ability to deploy rapidly over large areas. In businesses and municipalities with an influx of seasonal visitors, drone can play a key role in monitoring congestion, disturbances and other challenges unique to the holiday period.

  • • Reduced Risk for Staff & Security 
  • • Cost Effective in Terms of Staffing & Time 
  • • Fast & Rapid Deployment & the ability to cover large areas rapidly
  • • Remote Assessment & Automated Threat Detection

Key Deployment Solutions Currently

Industrial & Key Point Monitoring Site Security

Housing & Community Surveillance

Mine Site Security and Surveillance

Perimeter Monitoring & Surveillance

Illegal Encroachment

Crowd Monitoring & Identification

Wildlife & Anti-Poaching Surveillance

Port & Rail Surveillance

Powerline Surveillance

Weather Monitoring: Storms, Fires and other Disasters

Congestion Monitoring at Resort Towns

Bonus Application: Santa Protection & Monitoring


In an increasingly complicated global environment, the ability to have cutting edge technology solutions deployed by skilled and licensed operators is a strategic imperative for business leaders. If you’re concerned about if your business and people are vulnerable over the festive period and in 2023, get in touch with our team today.

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