5 - 9 SEPTEMBER 2022


The German military-spec Vector & Scorpion UAVs are on the frontline of the Ukraine Conflict

Join Rocketmine for a tactical demonstration of these cutting-edge airborne defense technology solutions that are making a telling impact on security & the battle field.


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Recently deployed by Ukrainian armed forces in the current conflict, this 2-in-1 tactical solution is a military surveillance system that can help to secure your projects and keep your teams safe 24/7. Able to carry multiple sensors; operate in extreme environments; the Scorpion & Vector.

Register to attend this exclusive live demonstration of this battle-tested tech brought to you by Rocketmine, Africa’s leading drones-as-a-service provider.

In a complex and volatile security environment, having access to cutting edge tech that can keep employees safe; prevent losses; decrease costs and reduce risks for targeted industries. Join us for Rocket Tactical coming soon. Seats are limited, so book today.

Among Others, Meet The German Developers Of The Vector & Scorpion

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