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Posted Oct 13, 2015 by nomthi

Stock Pile Volumetric Analysis

One of the first questions asked when considering using UAV surveying methods for measuring stockpile volumes is about expected accuracy. Though this looks a simple question at first sight, it is not trivial to answer. This is the reason why Pix4D set up a stockpile test case to compare UAV images with terrestrial LIDAR scan surveys.

One of the biggest benefits of using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the mining industry is its accuracy when measuring stockpiles.

Pix4d has built a showcase of a recent stockpile measurement. The goal was to provide a simple and flexible solution to gather accurate data for volumetric analysis up to 10km2 in 10 hours delivery time only all the while reducing exposure on the field for involved personnel in hazardous areas.

The Key benefits include:

  • Improve flexibility
  • Minimize risk
  • Fast delivery of reliable results

This stock pile is 1km2 based in South America.

The output results included, LAS laser scanner point cloud (Vulcan compatible), Contour lines (Autocad DWG, ArcGIS SHP), Volumetric analysis and Orthomosaic. With traditional methods, it would have taken 3 people and one full day for the volumetric analysis of the area with a mobile laser scanner. Mapping this area with a UAV took one person and 4 hours. It was 15 minutes for on-site Rapid processing & delivery of Quality Report on laptop 3 hours for Full processing on laptop.

Being compared to traditional methods, it is quicker to gather the data for processing which took a much shorter time using UAV technology.

RocketMine has extensive experience in the mining and quarry industry. We are here to provide more information on the accuracy.

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