Thermal Footage

Posted Jul 7, 2016 by nomthi

Thermal Mapping, the Rocketmine way

Thermal imaging or mapping uses heat to indicate different levels of heat. A hot target will be shown as red and a cold target will be shown in blue. Thermal cameras are proven commodities in a number of applications, including residential security, industrial security, and homeland defense. Today, ingenious mining operations are appreciating the ability to see clearly through total darkness, as well as through dust, smoke, and light fog.

In mining, thermal cameras help command center dispatchers see through the dust created by the crushers. They can see when the conveyor belts are too heavily loaded or that the wheels driving the belts are getting too hot. Such information is pertinent to the long-term operation of the mine.

Since thermal imaging cameras make pictures from heat, not light, they can not only track shovels and haul trucks operating in the deepest parts of the mine but can do it with cameras placed along the mine’s perimeter.

One of the unique traits of thermal mapping is that fog and cloud cover does not sway its results.

The application of thermal mapping and imaging are not limited to mining, here are the other ways that drone thermal mapping can help you.

  • Roof inspections: find roof leaks, locating wet insulation in roofing systems using Infrared Imaging mounted on a drone is the most effective way.
  • Agriculture: Environmental Monitoring, thermal imaging is growing fast and plays an important role in various fields of agriculture and ecology
  • High voltage: Inspection of powerlines, abnormal heating associated with high-resistance or excessive current flow is the main cause of many problems in electrical systems
  • Law Enforcement: Dark or camouflaged clothing worn by a suspect can make it very difficult for officers to use light or night vision technology to distinguish him from his surroundings. Thermal imaging allows seeing the suspect’s body heat, which makes it very difficult for the suspect to conceal his position, whether he is hiding inside of a structure or outdoors.
  • Solar Inspection: Finding the defective panels, an infrared camera detects the temperature differences in or on a photovoltaic module and visualizes them in a thermal image.
  • Search and Rescue: Searching for people and animals with the option of alarm mode utilization and manual temperature range tuning.

With all the different applications available you would need a great service provider who can help you achieve your goals. Contact RocketMine


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