Rocketmine recognised at TT100 Awards 2016

Rocketmine Recognised At The TT100 Awards in 2016

The TT100 Programme was established to identify and reward local companies that stand out for their excellence in the management of technology, people, systems, research and sustainability. The programme exemplifies those who through passion, perseverance and a highly developed sense of innovation, have defied all odds, and have become recognised as significant players in the… Read more »

Rocketmine is heading to Geomatics Indaba 2016

Geomatics Indaba 2016 Logo

Last year saw RocketMine joining the Geomatics Indaba for the very first time. This year, we will be coming back bigger and better. Geomatics Indaba 2016 is a fully inclusive geomatics sector conference, exhibition and training event, encompassing all levels of interested and relevant persons, organisations, government departments and agencies, municipalities, public and private companies, NGOs,… Read more »

Thermal Mapping, the Rocketmine way

Thermal Footage

Thermal imaging or mapping uses heat to indicate different levels of heat. A hot target will be shown as red and a cold target will be shown in blue. Thermal cameras are proven commodities in a number of applications, including residential security, industrial security, and homeland defense. Today, ingenious mining operations are appreciating the ability… Read more »

Reasons Why you Should Use Drones for Inspections

Drone Flying Near A Crane

There’s a lot to think about before you replace a manned position with a piece of flying technology, and choosing between a UAV or an engineer/inspection officer is no different. RocketMine has proudly and loudly been open about drones in surveying, now you can look at inspection applications you thought were never possible. In-depth data… Read more »

4 Reasons why you need Drones in Mining

Drone Flying Over A Mine

The main application of UAVs in a mining context is for the all-important task of site scoping and mapping. Obtaining a comprehensive and accurate bird’s-eye view of a mining site has always presented a challenge, but drones have recently risen to prominence as a viable, long-term solution. Using drones to carry out mapping work is… Read more »

Rocketmine re-features in TechCrunch

Drone Hovering Over Ground

Africa is becoming a testbed for commercial drone services In March, RocketMine featured in Techcrunch for the first time on the growth of Drone services in Africa.  “RocketMine provides “aerial data solutions” in mining, agriculture, water and forestry, and civil engineering. It expects to book just over $1 million in revenue in 2016, according to… Read more »

Do-It-Yourself or get Rocketmine

Drone Conducting Mapping Of An Area

Cut Costs not Safety The aim of most mines in our economic climate is to integrate technology into daily operations. From implementing the best possible technologies available to optimise productivity and efficiencies to creating fully automated mines, mine strategists are going all out to ensure that they achieve maximum output at the lowest cost possible…. Read more »

Drone efficiency, still key for Mining

Mine Planning With Drone Footage

Pressed for profits and low prices, mining companies are turning to technology to revamp their operations and rethink their cost structures. RPAS or UAV’s are now becoming the ‘go to’ method for mine site mapping. In Western Australian mines use the various deliverables provided by RPA’s on a monthly basis. This data simply was not… Read more »

Rocketmine compares data with traditional methods

Aerial Footage Of A Mine Captured By Rocketmine

Since becoming the mining sectors first licensed drone operator in South Africa, RocketMine has had the opportunity to compare its data with traditional methods used by a South African mine. A case study was conducted to test the data accuracy of drone technology in contrast to usual methods. Accuracy is particularly important in areas of… Read more »