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Posted Oct 15, 2015 by nomthi

UAV Applications that have cut costs… so far

In any industry, management is always searching for new avenues that will reduce costs and increase efficiency. The agricultural, mining and construction industry are no different. Fluctuations in the economy, rising material costs and work demand constantly increase operational costs and decrease the profit margin. Right now we are witnessing the rise in the commercial use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) where more and more companies are slowly adopting RPAS technology into everyday operations.

In the past few years, drone technology has become more efficient and cost-effective, allowing for agriculture to integrate them into its business. Florida’s agriculture has tentatively embraced the technology, but restrictive legislation has slowed the process.

Precision Agriculture introduced a new way of reducing costs. The RPAS and its various sensors take imagery that data can be extracted from. The data can show which plants are stressed or are over watered. Then the farmer can fertilise and irrigate the exact areas which reduces wastage. Farmers turning to the new technology have cut costs and reduced time-draining tasks like taking days to check on crops.

In the mining sector, manual surveying is becoming a thing of the past with RPAS technology. What would’ve taken 2 days to finish now takes hours as stockpiles can now be remotely monitored and calculated. Delivering accurate daily data is possibility that could not be achieved with traditional or terrestrial surveying.

Construction benefits include using drones to conduct surveying work above the Aspern Vienna Urban Lakeside project in Austria, one the largest urban development projects in Europe. Last month it unveiled a pilot project whereby aerial data collected by drones combines with image processing software to visualize energy losses across entire neighborhoods. The data is then presented as thermal maps, making it easier to identify which buildings could be renovated to be made more energy efficient. – Siemans, 2015

Cutting cost is by far any industry’s main focus as other factors increase costs.

If you can get the same data, if not better, at half the time and half the cost, surely that is an avenue that should be explored.

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