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Posted Nov 17, 2015 by nomthi

What Drones can do for Construction sites

Real-time awareness has long been a challenge on construction sites. Time and money are lost to correcting flawed work. One group of workers may arrive only to have to stand around, wasting time, because someone else didn’t complete his or her task.

Drones took to the sky to help perform inspections on the historic Barnett and Laura Street Trio buildings in Jacksonville, Florida.

To keep their workers safe, Danis, a design and construction company, is using a drone for the building inspections. It gives a more efficient way, a safer way to perform inspections and gather information, which is a great asset to construction firms,” Danis drone pilot Robert Mauro said.

The data collected will help contractors with renovations and construction as new looks and uses for the sites are moving forward after years of talks about changes.

To keep their workers safe, Danis, a design and construction company, is using a drone for the building inspections.

Conduct flood risk surveys for town planning, monitor the evolution of on-site activities in near real-time and even compile pre- construction site inspections, while protecting your team against unsafe working conditions.

Here’s the video of the inspection.

The data collected by the drones will not only be used to spot damage but also to document history. The images will be sent to the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Society.

“Seeing how a lot of those details were accomplished and constructed because we have to recreate that, a lot of the terracotta details,” Danis Vice President Tony Suttles said.

With RocketMine’s Civil Engineering and Construction services, you can:

  • Cut surveying time and costs from the traditional surveying methods
  • Compare progress images with baseline data
  • Oversee and control on-site activity and monitor progress
  • Track compliance according to site requirements
  • Improve safety by surveying hazardous areas

The key focus of RocketMine is to deliver near real-time data at a fraction of the cost and eliminate the hazardous risk for construction staff.

Contact RocketMine for your Construction and Civil Engineering needs.

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