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Posted Mar 1, 2016 by nomthi

Your reputation counts, so trust the Industry Leader in Professional Drone Services

At the core of RocketMine’s philosophy, is how we hold reputation to the highest regard. To put it short, we care about yours as much as we care about our own.

During 2015, RocketMine worked close with the South African Civil Aviation and the Air Services Council to obtain our certificates including the Remote Operating Certificate (ROC). As the first South African operator to receive their license in the mining industry, we strive to stay legally compliant and not take any short cuts when it comes to safety and standard operating procedures on your projects.

2015 also saw the largest rise in drone operators in South Africa. The media has covered drone laws to drone applications in detail which has excited companies as the endless drone possibilities proved to cut costs and speed up data acquisition. That meant that operational decisions can be made much quicker with access to more information.

With the highs come the lows, where operators jump on the excitement bandwagon and sign on clients without being registered themselves. And with that high comes the low of what the consequences are if anything goes wrong. What happens if the drone hurts someone, or damages property? Or standard operations aren’t followed and lead to incorrect data being collected or an in-air collision with a manned aircraft? Without having a legal drone operator could find your company’s reputation tarnished for hiring an unregistered operator.

As a RocketMine client, you can rest assured that all steps are being taken to ensure that you have the fastest, legally compliant service provider in the industry. All of RocketMine customers are rest assured with over R3m 3rd party liability insurance.

Regulation bodies will be aware of our operations and any incidents that occur on your site.

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